Profile Of Modern-Day Hay Spear

double bale hay spear

Farming in America is big. There are a few other parts of the world where farming remains a highly industrialized and profitable enterprise. The US produces a large proportion of the world’s corn. Argentina is prized for its beef. South Africa’s fruit and vegetables remains much sought after by the Europeans. But the French’s legendary cultivation of its vineyards is no longer a jealously guarded secret.

All over the world, small scale farmers are trying their hand at what the pioneers have always done well. And they are flourishing because they are pushing forward the new desire for organic crops. Now while subsistence farmers, mostly in Africa and Asia, are still tilling their soil by hand, the big industrialized enterprises and their smaller counterparts are now using mechanized devices to keep up their production levels and keep up with the demand for their produce.

The hay spear is always an essential tool on the farm. But on these farms, a double bale hay spear is now used. It is much larger than the handheld implements. It can measure as much as forty-eight inches. And of course, it has the ability to pick up more than just one bale of hay at a time. It is operated through the use of standard lift arms. These devices may well be top-heavy on industry. But they are still easy to use and maintain.

Bale spears can be removed easily from the tractor. All that happens is that the cross bolt is removed and then the spear is pulled out. A hay bale carrier comes with the bale spears. It’s ideal for use around square and round hay bales. It is also perfect for huge bales that are up to eight feet long. The three-point hay spear unit has long spears, measuring as much as thirty-nine inches.