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Look across your urban city, and even your commercial and industrial, landscapes and what strikes you the most about the buildings that you pass by, enter and even work in? Most of the time the eye is struck by the artistic results of commercial architectural design services. In the meantime, it is not always the case that commuters, tenants and property owners, both private and governmental, fully appreciate the engineering ingenuity that goes into these constructions. The fact remains that this is something that is non-negotiable in the building construction and architecture industries.

Architectural work requires a close collaboration with the relevant and local authorities. A working relationship must be established at the earliest point, all to the benefit of the commercial, private and institutional client. Building regulations need to be complied with and the architect needs to tailor his designs to ensure that this is possible. Incidentally, the creation of green buildings is slowly but surely becoming the new normal for many urban centers around the world. This is the new paradigm currently in action. And for the architect, the work in making an invaluable contribution towards reducing carbon use, getting rid of pollution and creating energy efficient spaces, can only be inspirational and richly rewarding for the architect.

And in order to create a green friendly office complex, hotel or retail center, a considerable amount of engineering ingenuity will still be required. Interestingly and perhaps ironically the final result will be that little to no engineering or mechanized constructions will be utilized, all in keeping with the purpose of empowering the client to remain consistently carbon neutral and always energy efficient. Architects also need to have a sense of history and nostalgia about them in order to be able to restore your institutional monuments back to its past glories.