Car Care Like Cut, Blow & Trim

Some guys do it, most girls do it all the time. They’ll be in and out of their local hairdressers at least once a month for the full treatment. Some guys will go in for the cut, blow and trim treatment. Those who would never go near a hairdressing salon still enjoy the royal treatment from the modern day barber. Some girls do, but most guys love it. As for those few guys who have absolutely no interest;

Oh well. But never mind them, let’s think about your baby. How about giving her the works of a car wash maintenance and trim treatment. It will be like taking your baby to the hairdressers as well. Of if he’s a stud, then the local barber. Anyways, if you’re taking your favorite jalopy in for the full treatment, it should be kind of special. It can only be special if the men in overalls have a love for autos that far surpass yours.

car wash maintenance

They’ve got their own cabbies, but they’ll still treat yours like she was their own. Or so it should be. To make the treatment well worth the while, every aspect of the car service must be done in a professional manner. The red carpet is rolled out and by the time you fetch your baby, you’ll barely recognize her. Or maybe you will. Maybe you’ve seen the design specs after deciding to give your sporty car a few tints here and there, just like your girlfriend did that time at the hairdressers.

For most drivers, the car is an extension of the family, well, for those who have families. The car is one heck of an important member of the family. Everyone is counting on her from one day into the next.